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Our Services

The Urban Chicks

Your rental package will include:

- Delivery and set up
- 3 hens, which will  produce on average 17-21 eggs a week
- A lightweight chicken coop with an extension
- Enough feed and supplies  for the  entire rental season 
- Feed and water dishes
- Rake and dustpan for cleanup
- Info/care booklet
- Email and/or phone support during the entire rental period
- Pick up of the coop, hens and all supplies at the end of the rental season

The Urban Chicks


- Collect healthy, farm fresh eggs daily from your own backyard hens.
- Know where your food comes from, that it's produced ethically and locally, and reduce your carbon footprint.
- Teach your children where their food comes from and how to care for the animals that produce the food they eat.
- Save the time, effort, commitment and expense of setting up a permanent coop.
- We pick up the hens and take them back to the farm for the winter, no need to worry about winterizing your coop or using extra electricity running a heat lamp during Alberta's many days with freezing temperatures.
- There's no need to take care of older hens that no longer produce eggs or find them new homes. We retire older hens and they live out their days comfortably on our farm.
- At the end of each rental season we thoroughly clean and disinfect the coops and make any minor repairs needed for next year. There's no yearly maintenance and upkeep for you.

The Urban Chicks

Constant Support:

- Should any of the hens become "broody" or stop laying for 3 consecutive days, we will come pick up the hen and bring you a new laying hen. You won't be stuck with hens that are not producing eggs.
- We know that sometimes chickens can be killed by other animals or become sick. If this happens we will replace your hen(s) once with new laying hens.
- If you decide, for any reason before the end of the season, that backyard chickens aren't right for you, we will pick up the chickens and supplies.
- We are available at any time for questions or concerns.


Repeat customers will have the first opportunity to renew their rental for the next season. After that, it's first come, first serve.

Our Chickens

The Urban Chicks have been raising chickens for 10 years. The majority of our hens have been hatched and raised right here on our farm. Other breeds are purchased from another local farm in order to offer a variety of breeds for rent. All of them are great layers, providing you with fresh eggs daily, they are friendly and very easy to get along with. Breeds are subject to change yearly. 

Rhode Island Red (not available this year)

The Urban Chicks

The Rhode Island Red is a large chicken that lays extra large brown eggs. The hens lay an average of 5-7 eggs per week. They are generally quite friendly and will come to greet you in their pens.

Red Rock (not available this year)

The Urban Chicks

The Red Rock is a large chicken that lays extra large brown eggs. These hens are a cross between the Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock. They are very docile and friendly and tend to be the most hardy of our hens.

Isa Brown

The Urban Chicks

The Isa Brown is a medium sized chicken that lays large brown eggs. The hens lay an average of 6-7 eggs per week. They are the most active hens in our flock.

Barred Plymouth Rock (not available this year)

The Urban Chicks

The Barred Plymouth Rock is a large chicken that lays large light brown-tan eggs. The hens lay an average of 5-7 eggs per week. They are the most quiet and curious hens and tend to be very friendly as well.

YOur Eggs

Eggs from free range hens have been shown to be much healthier than mass produced eggs you'll find at the grocery store. Farm fresh eggs have: 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4 less saturated fat, 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids, 3 times more vitamin E, and 7 times more beta carotene. Your backyard chicken eggs also contain 9 essential amino acids and 13 essential vitamins!  Eggs have a low fat content of only 5 grams, plus an egg is one of the few foods that contain natural Vitamin D! Natural Vitamin D promotes good bone health and other health benefits.

The Urban Chicks
The Urban Chicks

Ethical Eggs:

The Urban Chicks

Are you concerned about the welfare of chickens used to produce eggs? Our hens live the typical "old fashioned farm" type of life, where they are free to roam in uncrowded settings, peck, scratch and lay eggs at will. We don't subject our hens to the factory farming practices laid out in this table. Unlike all commercial farming practices, from battery caged hens to certified organic laying hens, we do not kill male chicks at birth or send laying hens to slaughter at 18 months old. We keep the hens for life, once they stop laying (around 3 years for our heritage breeds) we allow them to live out their days on the farm. The male chicks are raised for food for the family. With The Urban Chicks you are getting the most ethical eggs possible.

Information for this table was obtained from humanefood.ca